Facades Cleaning

Facades offer a sympathetic cleaning solution to restore buildings to their full glory.

Building facades can be affected by a variety of issues – atmospheric pollutants, algae, bird droppings, graffiti and more. We clean the facades of all types of buildings, from residential to public and listed buildings.

Facade Restoration

Facades carries out much restoration of defective or failing sections of stonework, on buildings throughout the UK. This is a core element of our business and we use quality lime products for the care and conservation of historic buildings.

Stonework for Facades

Carved stonework is beautiful and natural stone is renowned for standing the test of time. However, when it gets damaged, weather-eroded or delaminated, replacing stone masonry can prove difficult and expensive.

Coating Removal Services and Surface Coating

One of the greatest crimes against building heritage is the use of coatings. In the past, a lot of organisations used lime based or oil based paint. However, these coatings are impermeable. This causes countless problems – the coatings don’t allow the underlying masonry to breathe, trap moisture, and over time can result in damage to the stonework and cause dampness problems inside the property.

Traditional Building Repointing

Repointing can enhance the life of a building as well as keeping it looking pristine. Stonework and brickwork have to face a lot, from harsh weather to standing the test of time. Often bricks can become damaged, and the mortar between them starts to erode. If left unrepaired, water can penetrate the surface and cause structural damage to the building.

Brick and Mechanical Repointing

When gaps appear in brickwork, the subsequent water penetration can cause significant deterioration and damage.

Helifix Structural Stabilisation

Facades can provide a comprehensive and unobtrusive service to remedy structural defects without the need for major rebuilding work.

Structural stabilisation maintains architectural value and preserves the heritage of the building.

Concrete Repairs and Surface Coating

Facades offer a full range of services for concrete repairs and surface coating.

Common problems include: Water ingress, Frost damage, Carbonation and chloride attack, Repair and stabilisation of any eroded or at-risk surface area.

Photographic Conditional Surveys

Facades specialise in carrying out high detail photographic surveys of buildings and other structures that are difficult to access due to terrain or condition. We employ a range of methods designed to ensure every access challenge is overcome, including elevated platforms, drones, telescopic masts and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Bird Proofing System

Nuisance birds left unchecked will continue to create unsightly mess and damage, requiring costly cleaning and maintenance time and time again. The worst culprits are pigeons, gulls, corvids (the crow family) and starlings.

Case Studies