Photographic Conditional Surveys

Facades specialise in carrying out high detail photographic surveys of buildings and other structures that are difficult to access due to terrain or condition. We employ a range of methods designed to ensure every access challenge is overcome, including elevated platforms, drones, telescopic masts and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

A photographic conditional survey creates a highly detailed photographic record of the condition of a building or structure. Both still photographs and 360-degree technology can be used to give a detailed picture, which is then used to identify issues and plan restoration work.

A photographic conditional survey can be crucial – it gives a detailed view of issues that cannot be otherwise seen, allowing the opportunity to identify any and resolve issues quickly, rather than wait and risk worse problems and significantly higher costs.

All Facades’ operators are CAA (UK Civil Aviation Authority) approved pilots. They capture high resolution imagery as well as 4K videography where required.

4K Videography

Drones and UAVs give new insight to buildings and structures by flying nearby and film high resolution, 4K video.

4K translates as footage that is around 4,000 pixels wide – that’s 4 times the number of pixels on screen that HD footage has. The level of detail is incredible, and this gives lots of information on your buildings or structures. It makes it easy to identify potential issues that may not otherwise have been spotted until they developed into bigger problems.

We’re able to carry out photographic conditional surveys for almost any building.

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