Bird Proofing System

Nuisance birds left unchecked will continue to create unsightly mess and damage, requiring costly cleaning and maintenance time and time again. The worst culprits are pigeons, gulls, corvids (the crow family) and starlings.

Facades offers a site survey, advice and recommendations to find the most suitable bird proofing solutions for your building.

Our bird proofing systems include:

  • Bird netting

  • Bird wire

  • Bird spikes

  • Bird gel – sticky gel that birds avoid landing on    

  • Avishock System – a track system that delivers a low voltage shock that is proven not to harm birds.

Our fully trained staff can advise on the best way to deter birds from perching, roosting or nesting on your building.

We use a range of KillGerm bird proofing products, and have been KillGerm approved applicators for the past 22 years.

Need effective bird proofing systems?