Traditional Building Repointing

Repointing can enhance the life of a building as well as keeping it looking pristine. Stonework and brickwork have to face a lot, from harsh weather to standing the test of time. Often bricks can become damaged, and the mortar between them starts to erode. If left unrepaired, water can penetrate the surface and cause structural damage to the building.

Facades offer traditional repointing to protect and preserve the building. The type of mortar used is essential – use of the wrong mortar in pointing is responsible for all manner of stonework damage, including shelving.

Facades will replace ageing, perished or incorrect mortar using Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) mortar and apply it using traditional techniques.

Natural Hydraulic Lime Mortar

We use lime mortar in traditional repointing as it has minimal impact on the building. Its soft and porous properties make it the best choice for natural stone, as it allows the walls to breathe and reduces the chance of water damage.

Lime mortar can also be colour matched to your existing brick and stonework, preserving the original look of the building. The mortar is durable and has a long life when applied properly.

Traditional Repointing Methods

Facades use traditional repointing methods to restore buildings and maintain their original appearance. Our team are highly trained in traditional techniques to reflect the historic integrity of the original materials and give a flawless, professional finish.

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