Brick and Mechanical Repointing

When gaps appear in brickwork, the subsequent water penetration can cause significant deterioration and damage.

Facades offers a mechanical repointing system, using lime or cement mortars, which will restore the integrity of the brickwork while matching the type, colour and texture of the existing mortar to ensure the building retains its local character.

When is Mechanical Pointing Used?

Mechanical pointing, also known as modern pointing, is often used on newer buildings such as local authority housing. This is a high quality, modern way of pointing. It is a much quicker method than traditional repointing, and uses power tools. It’s perfectly safe to use with newer construction methods. The mortars we use have the benefit of being able to be coloured to suit the client’s requirements.

Mechanical pointing differs from traditional repointing, which is often used on older buildings. Traditional repointing uses hand tools and lime mortars, as older properties used materials and construction methods that would not cope as well with the mechanical tools.

Both lime and cement mortars are used with mechanical pointing. Each has its individual benefits, and we can advise accordingly for your buildings.

Looking for mechanical pointing?