Dedicated Building Restoration. Facades conserve, improve and protect buildings and the important heritage they often represent

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Halifax Structural Stabilisation

Facades can provide a comprehensive and unobtrusive service to remedy structural defects without the need for major rebuilding work

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About Us

Facades has a highly skilled team to take care of all types of building facade cleaning, restoration, structural repair and refurbishment.

Based in North East England, we work nationwide to protect and preserve buildings and their heritage. From public buildings to listed buildings, we have a wealth of experience and can advise on the best methods to use for each individual building.

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Technical Expertise

There is no singular best method when it comes to building cleaning and restoration. All buildings are so different and their materials, construction methods and age will all affect the method we choose. 

That’s why we conduct site surveys on every job to ensure we’re doing a sympathetic restoration, and to enhance the lifespan of the building.