Eldon Chambers, Newcastle


Walter Thompson Contractors

Contract Duration

10 Weeks

Contract Value


Eldon Chambers a Grade 11 listed building constructed some 180 years ago and is situated on the Newcastle Quayside. The building had public safety concerns due to masonry failing on the pavement areas.  

Facades were instructed to carry out a detailed survey of the front Façade and to submit their findings to the client. The survey revealed that in the past the detailed stonework had been repaired with non-compatible cementitious repair mortar with no supporting caging in place, resulting in the workmanship being in danger of failing and causing a Health and Safety issue. Facades started consultation with Newcastle Historic Officer to obtain the relevant consent for the proposed works. On undertaking samples of workmanship for approval, consent was given for the works to proceed.

On erection of the scaffolding the building was initially cleaned using the Doff Superheated steam cleaning system removing a loose surface contamination to allow a full inspection of the fabric of the building. The previous repairs were carefully removed and the process for restoring the affected area commenced, firstly by installing a stainless-steel caging to support the new restoration. The restoration was undertaken using Mason Mortars St. One restoration mortar. On completion of the restoration works all failed mortar joint were repointed in a site blended St Astier 3:5 NHL lime mortar.

The works where presented the Newcastle Historic Officer for their approval prior to the striking of the scaffolding. The contract was completed to all party’s satisfaction and within the contract period.

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