Derwentside Clinic, Consett


Tess Esk and West Valleys NHS Foundation Trust

Contract Duration

5 Weeks

Contract Value


Facades were invited and were successful in tendering for the external refurbishment of the clinic. To include for the systematic cleaning and the repointing of the masonry which had been identified in need of repointing due to poor previous incorrect cementitious repointing, which had caused the natural stonework to deteriorate and shelve if left and not addressed could cause damp issues.

A programme of works was submitted to the client to include consideration for the sensitive use of the building and consideration to the public and staff at all times. The cleaning works were undertaken using the Doff Superheated steam clean to remove all the loose surface contamination followed by a secondary clean removing area of carbon contamination using the Torc Vortex medium clean. Facades are approved to the Rosette accreditation provided by Stonehealth Ltd. for these cleaning systems which are recognised throughout the restoration and conservation industry.

The incorrect cementitious pointing was carefully removed and heavily weathered stonework was replaced with natural stone indents to match the existing stonework. With the building being repointed with a site blended St Astier NHL 3.5 Lime mortar. This mortar blend will allow the masonry to breathe and allow the correct water circulation.

The works were presented to the client for their approval prior to the striking of the scaffolding. The contract was completed to all party’s satisfaction and within the contract period.

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