Helifix Structural Stabilisation

Facades can provide a comprehensive and unobtrusive service to remedy structural defects without the need for major rebuilding work.

Structural stabilisation maintains architectural value and preserves the heritage of the building. It’s also more sustainable than demolition in terms of cost, material usage and the environmental impact.

Buildings and structures that are damaged due to age or poor construction can undergo structural stabilisation. Correcting any issues as soon as they are identified is highly advised. Delaying can result in much worse damage that is more costly and time consuming to fix.

Masonry Reinforcement Services

Facades’ masonry reinforcement services include:

  • Wall ties

  • Cavity wall ties

  • Sock ties

  • Crack stitching

  • Lateral restraints

  • Lintel stabilisation

  • Masonry beaming

Technical Expertise

Facades are approved as both surveyor and installer by Helifix, the market leader in the manufacture of sustainable structural solutions.

We have extensive experience and technical expertise, allowing us to assess any structural damage, advise on the best course of action and carry out high quality repairs.

We work on all manner of buildings, from public buildings to listed buildings and heritage structures.

Our use of concealed, non-disruptive installation techniques protects buildings without compromising their historical integrity.

Looking for structural stabilisation?