Facades Cleaning

Facades offer a sympathetic cleaning solution to restore buildings to their full glory.

Building facades can be affected by a variety of issues – atmospheric pollutants, algae, bird droppings, graffiti and more. We clean the facades of all types of buildings, from residential to public and listed buildings.

This is complex work, as facades are very easy to damage if the wrong cleaning method is used. We carry out a site survey to assess the building’s material and structure, and determine the best cleaning method.

Technical knowledge for facade cleaning

Facades have vast knowledge in this area. With a combined experience of over 120 years, our technical knowledge is second to none and clients all over the UK trust our advice.

Our expertise is in sympathetic cleaning, and we have the know-how to ensure we cause no further deterioration or damage to the underlying masonry. Unfortunately, incorrect cleaning can scar a building for life and accelerate the deterioration of the masonry. This is why it’s essential to use a company you can trust.

Facade cleaning systems

Facades offer the most effective cleaning systems that cause no damage to masonry. We partner with Stonehealth, sole manufacturers of the expert DOFF and TORC cleaning systems.

Facades has been a Stonehealth approved contractor for over 24 years, and each member of our team is fully trained in the use of these systems. We hold the Stonehealth rosettes, showing that we are fully qualified to use these systems.

The DOFF system uses a normal water supply to remove some of the more resistant forms of dirt or markings from a range of surfaces. The water supply is fed into a hot-box where it is subjected to temperatures as high as 150OC. The resultant heated water vapour is filtered through heat resistant hoses to the nozzle at a rate of between 3-10 litres per minute.

Once cleaned, the surface dries within minutes, preventing any long term damage resulting from trapped moisture.

The TORC system is an evolution of the original Jos system, with its most distinctive feature being the revolving nozzle. This creates a gentle swirling vortex to offset the concentration of the water and granulate mix.

The powder used is an inert substance that is applied with water simultaneously, giving a much gentler clean.

TORC’s ability to effectively clean surfaces is largely due to the innovative nozzle, rather than the granulate running through it.

Looking for Facade Cleaning?

We always recommend a site trial is carried our first to prove the system and the results that can be achieved. We’re happy to carry out a site survey and advise on the best course of cleaning for the building.