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Concrete repairs and surface coatings

Facade cleaning

No matter what the problem, be it atmospheric pollutants, algae, bird-droppings, graffiti, Facades can offer a sympathetic cleaning solution. We use JOS and DOFF cleaning systems and are Stoneheath-approved contractors.

Surface coating removal

One of the great crimes against building heritage is the use of coatings which prevent stonework from breathing, trap moisture and, over time, results in damage to the stonework and dampness problems inside the property. Facades have developed specialised, yet cost-effective techniques to remove the coatings and reinstate any damaged stonework.


A core element of Facades business is the restoration of defective or failing sections of stonework, sourcing from a network of reclaimed stone and brick specialists through the Stone Federation of Great Britain, and using Heritage-approved lime-based mortars, including Remmers, which protect the building for the future without compromising its historical integrity.

Stone masonry

Replacing carved stonework that is damaged, weather-eroded or delaminated can prove difficult and expensive.

Facades a close working relationship with the highly-skilled traditional masons at Teesdale Architectural Stone and can source the correct geological match to ensure stonework is restored to prime condition without breaking the bank.

Traditional repointing

Similar to coatings, use of the wrong mortar is responsible for all manner of stonework damage, including shelving.

Facades are approved contractors for EasiPoint specialist mortars and will replace ageing, perished or incorrect mortar using NHL lime mortar and apply it using traditional techniques.

Mechanical pointing

When gaps appear in brickwork, the subsequent water penetration will cause significant deterioration and damage.

Facades offers a mechanical repointing system, using lime or cement mortars, which will restore the integrity of the brickwork while matching the type, colour and texture of the existing mortar to ensure the building retains its local character.

Structural stabilisation

Approved as both surveyor and installer by Helifix and ThorHelical, Facades can provide a comprehensive, but unobtrusive service to remedy structural defects without the need for major rebuilding work. Masonry reinforcement services include wall ties, cavity wall ties, crack stitching, lateral restraints, lintel stabilisation and masonry beaming.

Concrete repairs and surface coatings

We offer a complete service, from surveys to investigate water ingress, frost damage, carbonation and chloride attack, to the repair and stabilisation of any eroded or at-risk surface area using leading concrete repair and protection systems, including Sika, Fosroc, Ufins

Photographic conditional surveys

Facades specialise in carrying out high-detail photographic surveys of buildings and other structures which are difficult to access due to terrain or condition.

We employ a range of methods designed to ensure every access challenge is overcome, including elevated platforms, telescopic masts and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).